Why does BACKUP STEEL use stainless steel plates in the specific thickness of 3mm?
We field tested a great variety of material for our Steel Plates. We found that the specific material we chose for our Seed Plates to suit the need of securing a seed phrase the best. A lot of metals are too thin, not hard enough or show galvanized surfaces or coating. Most metals suffer under moisture and get rusty or have a lower melting point. A blank stainless steel material with brushed surface, such as our Seed Plates, carry the optimal characteristics for long-term security. The typeface of the engraving is deep and lasting and also resistant to scratching, which many other materials are not.


Why are BACKUP STEEL Seed Plates not suitable for stamping or letter/number-punching?
Our stainless steel material has a hardness has a hardness of 46 Rockwell for maximum durability. Punching letters and numbers in such a material is very hard. We do not use softer or galvanized material as we believe that the Seed Plates as base material should be as solid as possible, in particular with regard to a potential exposure to fire.


Why not buy your steel plates yourself?
Our product are standardized and made of the best and most suitable material we could find after a long process of testing. Trust in our choice and safe time and effort.


Why is BACKUP STEEL logo a sticker?
We believe that you should be free to remove our brand from the Seed Plates so that it is not obvious to someone who might later gain access to a plates that it holds a partial or full seed phrase.


Is storing on Seed Plates safe?
It is up to you how you design your personal level of security with regard to storing crypto seed phrases. With BACKUP STEEL you are able to implement any offline, non-technical security concept. Split seed, multi-sig, Shamir's Secret Sharing etc.



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